2016 & Sakura

Hi, guys.. How are you today? Long time no see, I really missed you all.. In fact, I can’t speak in English well, but I’m trying (just for this section).

Hm, welcome to 2016.. I wasn’t have many resolutions like 1 years ago. About me, family, friends, or.. someone.. I just closed my eyes and tried to open again. Everything can’t back altough you cry everytime. But, life must go on, isn’t it? I wish be better than before, and.. 2016 I’ll be in Sakura, see their beautiful flowers, be a new (hope), and wishes for happiness. This is my next journey in my travel’s diary.

Travelling.. one word that is amazing for me. I love it, but in different way, I can’t be a traveller. No reason, I just wanna loves it, always.. And, for the future, I’ll go to some place that I want to go.

Fiuh, I don’t think anything.. Just wanna say something to you.. I’ll be find something in this year, specially my self in 28 years old.

Thanks God, Mom, Dad, Sistha, Brotha, my best friends, and all.. I love you so much.. Let’s pray for us, do the best and be the best. Sayonara in Sakura.. 🙂


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NoMaD (60% Sanguin + 25% Koleris + 10% Melankolis+ 5% Plegmatis)

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